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A unique tool for any outdoor adventure or survival situation, this compact, two-in-one device provides the components needed to sharpen your blade and start a fire. The 12 Survivors™ Sharp & Spark is equipped with four sharpening methods to quickly sharpen a dull blade:

1. Coarse triangular bit sharpener to repair and re-profile a damaged/dinged blade

2. Fine triangular bit sharpener to smoothen and shape the blade

3. Diamond serration file that sharpens serrated blades

4. Diamond-coated sharpener that provides both a coarse and fine sharpening method when moving the blade manually back and forth

It's leather strap (part of sharpening process) removes small blade particles left over from sharpening, honing the blade, while the magnesium fire starter creates a shower of hot sparks to start a fire. Small enough to carry in your pack, pocket, or around the neck (designed with a lanyard hole), the Sharp & Spark is an integral item for every survivor to have on hand. TS76001


• Coarse tungsten carbide triangular bit sharpener

• Fine ceramic triangular bit sharpener

• Diamond coated serration file

• Diamond sharpening stone

• Leather strop

• Magnesium fire starter

• Lanyard hole

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