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Defy the odds of survival in emergency situations with the new 12 Survivors Paracord Survival Pod. Created to keep you alive, this new device features 30 essential pieces of first aid and survival equipment. The kit includes a fishing kit that doubles as a snare rig to find food in the wild, along with a fire starter rod and striker with tinder to keep warm and cook. The 40 feet of paracord can be easily stripped down to provide over 275 feet of usable cord that is especially useful in building shelters.  TS24002


• 30-piece kit that includes first aid and survival essentials

• Food: fishing kit which can double as snare rig

• Fire: fire starter rod and striker plus tinder

• Shelter: 40 ft of paracord which can be further stripped to over 275 ft of cordage

• 2-in-1 kit has a bracelet and pod (no items inside bracelet)

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